Oct 22

3 Benefits of Replacing Your Windows Now

Homeownership lets people exercise a massive amount of freedom and live their own lives. At the same time, property owners take on considerable responsibilities. From HVAC upkeep to lawn maintenance and window replacement, some tasks are simply unavoidable facts of life. When is the best time to replace a home’s windows? Although different situations call for unique home maintenance strategies, a surprising number of property owners stand to benefit by acting now. Here are […]

by Storm Guard
Sep 27
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Not All Siding Is Created Equal

Thinking about getting new siding? Here’s why it’s so important to make the right choice. What differentiates the best house siding installations from their neighbors? It’s not just about picking a color that fits a given home or working with an installer who gets the job done quickly and cleanly. Like any other home investment, siding is a big purchase. Property owners who take time to consider the options carefully in advance usually suffer […]

by Storm Guard
Feb 12

Check Out These Six Easy Home Repair Jobs to Beat Those Winter Blues

There’s just no denying that this post-holiday, frigid, and dismal period during the first quarter of the year is a drag. The lack of natural sunlight can cause a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and result in depression, the weather is often unrelenting, and the news is pretty dreary in general. One of the best ways to clear away the winter blues is to get busy, and there’s no better way than to choose a few moderate home repair jobs and […]

by Storm Guard